Friday, September 30, 2016

‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Finale: Jordan Rogers Becomes ‘The Bachelor’ 2017?

‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Finale: Jordan Rogers Becomes ‘The Bachelor’ 2017?


JoJo Fletcher has barely begun her quest to find Mr. Right on the twelfth installment of “The Bachelorette.” The season finale is months away. But has the winner’s name already been leaked? Among the early stand outs is Jordan Rogers. But will the fan favorite intentionally botch his chances with Fletcher? Will he really lose to become next year’s “The Bachelor?”

According to earlier reports, Rogers did admit that he only joined the reality dating show in order to get cast for his very own season. Reality Steve even claimed that this had always been part of his game plan. “His plan going in to the season was to get as far as he can, then eliminate himself… so he could be the Bachelor,” the TV blog reported.

However, in spite of this, according to Yibada, Rogers will still get the final rose from Fletcher. If all the rumors are proven correct, Rogers and Fletcher will even get engaged after this season. Why would Rogers scrap his initial game plan? What made him change his mind? Could he have fallen for Fletcher instead?

Reality Steve doesn’t buy it. He thinks there might be a simpler explanation for this. “The guy is an opportunist,” he speculated. “He [realized] how much better he’ll look with JoJo as an engaged couple… He took advantage of it. And he will ride this as long he can with her.” Reality Steve also suggests Rogers could be thinking that getting engaged with Fletcher might come with a lot of publicity and perks. The perks for him might reportedly include: “magazine covers, media appearances, a boost in social media.”

Will JoJo Fletcher really end up engaged to Jordan Rogers after this season? Or will Rogers stick to his plan of becoming the next “Bachelor?” You  can catch “The Bachelorette” every Monday night on ABC.

  • Zoe Emiko

    The Bachelorette 2016.. same as all the rest. To much the same as all the rest. The same catch phrases, the same on cue tears, the same “most dramatic” whichever moment and of course theres always the villain and amidst the do gooders who are so concerned for _insert name of current bachelorette_ but never mention he’s usually the best looking most successful guy in the bunch. Aka: steepest competition. Then you have the much to similar in the background egging on the problems in the house with everyone playing innocent to the _insert name of current bachelorette_ .
    Same script, different season. 3 episodes would be more than enough to wade through the redundancy and get to the final rose ceremony. Rinse, repeat.