Another season of Bachelor in Paradise makes its way to your reality viewing experience. A new group unites, but the name Chad Johnson stands out. If previews be based upon, his presence on Bachelor in Paradise season 3 would make the new season very interesting.

If you’ve been following The Bachelorette season 12, then you’ve last seen Chad as the villain of Jojo Fletcher’s quest for love. The real estate agent from Oklahoma was not only notorious for asserting his Alpha male qualities, but also for his mostly offensive thoughts on women. In fact, back in June, he attacked JoJo with a tweet that was tantamount to slut-shaming.

With Bachelor in Paradise, viewers can only wait with what sort of entertainment Chad can offer. However, it seems that he’ll bring with him his notoriety on the new show.

Bachelor in Paradise season 3: More drama awaits

An exclusive report from ET Online reveals that Chad’s stint with Bachelor in Paradise was “disturbing”. The source also cites Emily Ferguson from The Bachelor who said that Chad was a “disaster” on the show.

Based on these statements, one could only wonder: What did he do this time? At this point, the answer to that could be anything. Chad even reveals that he himself is looking forward to what transpires in the new season, suggesting he doesn’t remember anything.

The ‘not remembering’ statement could simply be a ploy to avoid revealing specific details on Bachelor in Paradise. However, it confirms that Chad won’t disappoint viewers who are expecting him to be his villainous self.

Bachelor, Bachelorette

Meanwhile, in other Bachelor and Bachelorette news, Jojo Fletcher’s quest for love ends tomorrow night. In After the Final Rose, the girl brokenhearted by Ben Higgins’ final choice will herself break another one’s heart. Rumors have been swirling as to who she’ll pick long before The Bachelorette even got half-way through the current season.

However, Zap2It‘s conspiracy theory asserts that it is Jordan who she picks, regardless of her parents’ opinion. The theory doesn’t end there, though. The source also predicts that the two’s relationship will be short-lived, and they’ll soon announce they’re engagement is off.

Time will tell how Jojo’s love story unfolds.

The Bachelorette season 12 finale airs on August 1, while Bachelor in Paradise season 3 premieres on August 2.