“The Bachelor” Sam Wood appears to have finally found his match.

Wood hinted that things are going very well between him and Lana Jeavons-Fellows after their first solo date recently.

Daily Mail reported that Sam asked Lana if she can see herself living in Melbourne.

The 35-year-old sports instructor is currently based in Melbourne, while Lana lives in Sydney.

Lana’s traits amaze Sam. He described her as the girl with a “next door quality” and also told Lana that they have “incredibly compatible” personalities.

PopSugar quoted Sam saying, “It’s like she’s come out of nowhere. Who knows? We could be the ones who end up together at this really late stage of the game.”

During their paragliding date, Sam’s fear of heights worked in his favor. Lana told him, “don’t look down, look at me – eye contact,” and while he is looking deep into her eyes, he popped the question “Could you imagine living in Melbourne?”

Lana replied, “I’d live anywhere.”

The two also shared a romantic private dinner where Sam surprised Lana with an intimate performance by British crooner Jamie Lawson of his song “Wasn’t Expecting That.”

The romantic date was enough to secure Lana a red rose and a safe passage to the next round, which clearly disappointed the other bachelorettes.

Lana is one of the two “intruders” who entered the mansion after Emily and Bec left.

On Wednesday’s episode, Sam took the unprecedented step of leaving the rose ceremony, unable to choose which girl he will send home. 

“It was really about just taking a big deep breath and putting the brakes on and finding out what my options were.”

Aside from Lana, four more bachelorettes – Heather, Nina, Sarah, and Snezana – are left in the mansion. The other “intruder,” Rachel Moore, was sent packing in last night’s episode.

“The Bachelor” Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30 pm on Channel Ten.