“The Bachelor” Australia’s controversial contestant Sandra will pick another enemy in tonight’s episode.

During the Great Gatsby-themed party, Sam will take Sarah away from the rest of the group but tension arises when Sandra decides to join them, News.com.au wrote.

Sandra wants to know more about Sam and to do that, she will interrupt Sam and Sarah’s time together. As Sarah sits beside Sam, Sandra joins them and the women get into a stand-off in front of Sam. Sarah refuses to leave but Sandra stood her ground.

“It’s a competition guys and I’m winning,” Sandra said after finally giving up and leaving Sarah with Sam.  “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong. I did what I had to get time with Sam,” the Melbourne primary school teacher added.

Sandra has been the target of criticism lately for picking fights among her rivals.

She denied being a bully and that she was drunk after she displayed her attention-seeker behavior during the previous episode of the show, the Daily Mail wrote.

She explained that the spat with Reshael, whom she berated for refusing to criticize the other women, had been blown out of proportion for the sake of entertainment, the Herald Sun wrote.

Sandra said she avoids reading negative feedbacks against her on social media and added viewers who called her actions as “bullying” and “fake” were uncalled for, the site added.

“I am not a bully. I am really anti-bullying. To call what happened bullying just takes away from the people who really experience bullying. I work with kids and bullying isn’t something I would want anyone to experience,” said Sandra.

Sam will send at least one girl home tonight. Will it be Sandra? Or should Sarah be worried? Reshael and Tessa, whom both had a spat with Sandra, already left the show in previous episodes, news.com.au noted.