‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2015: Snezana Markoski Wins! Spotted with Sam Wood Ahead of Finale


Fans of “The Bachelor” can’t wait to know who did Sam Wood put a ring on and today is the day when all will be revealed. But as is known, the ardent followers of the popular reality series can’t get enough and they would probably be happy to know that Snezana Markoski, could indeed be the women who truly stole Sam’s heart.

Daily Mail reported the arrival of Sam Wood at Sydney Airport only a few minutes before one of the final two women, Snezana Markoski, arrived. Naturally, “The Bachelor” fandom went wild. Could Snezana be the one wood has been engaged to?

The site suggests that the pair has arrived in Sydney for “promotional trial” before they probably go on to reveal that they are engaged to each other.

Sam arrived with a big grin on his face and looked great in ripped black jeans and a dark blue shirt. Snezana also kept it casual with skinny denims and black tank top. She was seen accompanied by an older man who was attempting to protect her from the paparazzi.

Sam’s hometown date with Snezana went really well and the fact that she happens to be closer in age to “The Bachelor,” wanting the same future, hinted that she could be the one and her arrival in Sydney only minutes apart from Sam has added fuel to the fire.

However, it cannot be said with certainty as pointed out by Sydney Morning Herald, it is not uncommon that runners-up are a part of the promotions and furthermore, Lana Jeavons-Fellows resides in Sydney eliminating the need to fly in for any promotional activity.

Earlier reports in NW magazine have indicted that the Bachelor has already tried the knot with his ladylove in Byron Bay. In just a few hours, we will see whether it is Snezana or Lana who now hold the key to Sam’s heart.

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