‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2015: Sam Wood Shirtless in the Sand with Special Someone

Shirtless “The Bachelor” Australia Sam Wood showed off his sexy body while having a beachside run with his special someone — his dog.

The 35-year-old Melbourne-based fitness entrepreneur was spotted running along the beach in the Victorian suburb of Brighton over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported.

In this week’s issue of Woman’s Day, several photos of Sam and one of the bachelorettes, Lana Jeavons-Fellows, were posted after they were separately spotted while heading to their workout sessions.

Sam showed interest to Lana since she entered the mansion as one of the two “intruders” after two bachelorettes left the show.

He described Lana as the girl with a “next door quality. She recently had a paragliding and a romantic dinner date with Sam, wherein the bachelor asked her “Could you imagine living in Melbourne?”

Woman’s Day noted that after the finale episode has been filmed, the winning couple were instructed to avoid the media for weeks until the finale is aired to avoid spoiling the ending.

This week, Sam is set to face the families of the final four contestants. Currently, there are still five bachelorettes – Lana, Nina Rolleston, Heather Maltman, Snezana Markoski and Sarah Mackay – vying for Sam’s heart.

Channel Ten released on its Facebook and Twitter accounts a promotional teaser showing Sam’s meeting with the women’s families.

The teaser keeps fans guesting whose bachelorettes’ families Sam had met.

In the footage, one father asks him, “So why the final four, why you connect to each one?” while a mother asked him “You don’t live in NSW, have you thought about that?”

Another said, “Are you planning to take her from the family?” while a second mother stated, “My daughter’s well-being, that’s my main priority.”

Wood will make his final decision and give out his last red rose on September 17 at 7.30pm on Channel Ten, the Daily Mail noted.

This will also make way for the first ever “The Bachelorette” Australia which will star Sam Frost. “The Bachelorette” kick off on September 23 at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

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