“The Bachelor” Australia Sam Wood reportedly married the girl he had chosen.

Few days before the season finale of the reality TV show, the NW magazine cover indicated that Sam secretly tied the knot during a family getaway to Byron Bay.

NW magazine cited a source saying, “Sam knows this is the real deal, so why wait. This is forever.”

The bachelor, was spotted last month having a family vacation with his sister Hannah in Byron Bay, the Daily Mail noted.

In “The Bachelor” finale teaser, Sam is seen staring at a ring box, suggesting that there may be a proposal on the finale night.

There are three bachelorettes left – Sarah Mackay, Lana Jeavons-Fellows, and Snezana Markoski – vying for Sam’s heart.

Sam admitted to the Daily Telegraph that he can’t wait for the show’s finale to be aired so he can publicly reveal who he had given his heart.

“It’s not so much so that I’m able to talk about it, but so that I can be together with the girl that I end up with,” he said.

The 35-year-old fitness entrepreneur also clarified rumors that the winner of “The Bachelor” Australia is already pregnant with their baby.

“There’s no baby on the way. Not that I’ve heard of anyway!” he said.

Sam admitted that their relationship is still going strong months after the show’s filming concluded.

“The Bachelor” filming ended in June, but the couple was instructed to keep their romance underwraps until the season airs its last episode.

Executive producer Stephen Tate however revealed that Sam and his lady have met up, Daily Mail reported.

“We have been able to coordinate a few clandestine meetings between Sam and his mystery woman since the show wrapped, meetings which have remained a secret. It’s all very cloak and dagger,” he said.

Don’t miss “The Bachelor” Australia tomorrow and the finale episode on Thursday at 7.30 pm on Channel Ten.