It’s been a heartbreaking night for Heather Maltman after Sam Wood sent her packing last night in “The Bachelor” Australia, about a week before the season finale.

Many thought Heather and Lana Jeavons-Fellows will go toe-to-toe for the final rose. Now, Lana will go against the two other remaining bachelorettes – Snezana and Sarah.

Although both Snezana and Sarah are doing well, Lana and Heather have been the most favored women to win Sam’s heart.

Wood and Lana’s chemistry is undeniable. Sam has been very vocal about how he admires Lana’s beauty and personality. In fact, he even asked her if she can see herself living in Melbourne, where the fitness entrepreneur currently lives.

Sam also spent some of the most romantic dates in this season with Lana including a romantic dinner wherein he surprised her with a performance from Jamie Lawson who sang his hit “Wasn’t Expecting That.”

After last night’s elimination, Heather admitted that she already fell in love with Sam, The West Australian wrote.

“I definitely had real emotions there and it took me a bit of time after I left the mansion to let go of the hurt. I am not actually hurt any more, I am just sad. Watching it back, it reminds me how much I felt for him and how much I really liked him,” she said.

Heather’s elimination has shocked many especially since she had some couple single dates with Sam and even won the coveted white rose during the first rose ceremony.

In one interview, the brunette beauty even called Sam “a partner” and also hinted that they have been in communication even after “The Bachelor” filming, which made many speculate that she might have won the competition.

But apparently that was not the case.  It seems Sam’s most recent impression on Heather has a factor on last night’s episode.

Earlier, Sam had expressed his concern that he is having a hard time making a romantic relationship with Heather because of her apparent “friendly” attitude.  Sam was referring to Heather’s constant use of the word “dude” and “man” during their last single date which clearly displeased the bachelor.

Who do you think will win “The Bachelor”? Will this be a sure win for Lana? Will this season end with a proposal from Sam?

Find out in the season finale which is set to air on Sept. 17 at 7.30 pm on Network Ten.