‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2015: Lana Feels ‘Used’ After Steamy Night with Sam Wood

Lana Jeavons-Fellows admitted that she felt “used” after Sam Wood dumped her during the finale of “The Bachelor” Australia last week.

According to Famous magazine, Lana, 27, felt furious and “used” by Sam when she was eventually dumped after they shared a steamy pool embrace on their final date even after the cameras stopped rolling during the filming of “The Bachelor.”

The publication quoted as source saying, “That’s why Lana’s so hurt – he was so affectionate with her in private, but then the next day, he’s all, ‘I’m in love with someone else.’ She thinks he totally used her”.

During the finale last week, Wood told Lana: “You’re the perfect girl, you’re just not the perfect girl for me,” and then picked Snezana Markoski over her.

Lana spoke up for the first time since filming of “The Bachelor” concluded four months ago. Last Friday, she appeared on Channel Ten Studio where the brunette beauty got very emotional while recalling what happened during finale.

When host Ita Buttrose suggested Lana somewhat knew at that final moment of the show that she was not chosen, Lana said she had no idea that Sam had chosen Snezana. Lana added that she also did not know that she was the first lady to arrive on the scene where Sam was waiting.

Lana said she genuinely thought Sam would choose her. “It was so weird because the night before the finale he was saying to me like ‘Oh we’re going to have all of these adventures together’ and then we breakup and I never see him again,” she said.

Buttrose further asked her if she would consider taking Sam back if things didn’t work out with Snezana. Lana shook her head and said, “A lot of people anticipated that I was going to be the girl at the end, and it’s sort of been really hard holding it in these last few months.”

At the end, Lana said she respects Sam decision and she wished both Sam and Snezana their happiness.

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