‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2015: Heather Fight Lana for Final Rose?

“The Bachelor” Australia host Osher Gunsberg revealed some of the behind-the-scenes in the reality television show.

Gunsberg was asked about the blind date between Sam Wood and Lana, wrote.

“Well … there might have been a little bit of magic of television in that one. And it had to be someone’s idea. What matters is that Sam really didn’t know what was going to happen, and that’s what mattered.”

Gunsberg also thinks Heather Maltman is the only one who considers Lana as a tough contender for Sam’s final rose.

“I think Heather’s the only one that understands that too. The other girls, they use the word ‘threat’. They take it quite personally. But Heather is the only one who said: ‘Look, he doesn’t take much time at all. He and I hit it off on the first night. Of course he could do that with Lana,” Gunsberg said.

It was previously reported that Heather unintentionally revealed who won in the current season of “The Bachelor.”

In an interview, Heather said she had found a friend “as well as a partner” in Sam.

This week on “The Bachelor,” Gunsberg said he will play as Sam’s wing man. “I become Ice Man to his Maverick next week. The thing is though that I can’t tell him what to do.”

“The Bachelor” airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7.30pm, on Channel 10.

Meanwhile, Bachelorette Emily Simms revealed that Channel 10 has barred her from doing interviews because of what she had said after leaving the reality TV show, reported.

Emily was contacted by KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O despite the ban and was asked why media were not allowed to talk to her.

Emily replied, “Why do you think I’m not allowed to do interviews?” Jackie answered: “I think it’s because you’re being honest about what goes on behind the scenes and they’re not liking it.”

Emily said, “Obviously I’m not meant to be saying too much but yeah, you’re spot on. People don’t seem to like honesty sometimes.”

Emily walked out of “The Bachelor” last week after an intense discussion with Sam in which he described her as being “uptight.”

According to, Emily was “hurt” by how she was portrayed on the show.

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