‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2015: Heather is a Fake? Watch Her TV Ad as Actress

“The Bachelor” Australia frontrunner Heather Maltman denied accusations that she is a paid actor and was hired to put up some spice in the house.

Heather told KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O that she finds the accusation “quite funny,” reported.

“It’s a bit different, I never thought that this would be the scandal.”

“To be really honest, I thought that by telling everyone what I do for a living and being really honest about the fact that I work in film and TV and that I’ve done acting and all of those sorts of things that it would probably stop people from wanting to create this kind of silly story. But it’s disappointing that they found another way around it,” she added.

New Idea magazine reported this week that Heather’s fellow bachelorettes began to speculate that she was a paid actor because of her frequent private meetings with the show’s producers.

Heather, 29, explained, “I had to talk to producers because I got the white rose and I had to organize my date with Sam.”

New Idea, citing a source, reported that “The Bachelor” producers “planted” a mole in the house to “spy on the rest of the girls and extract information from them.”

The insider added the show’s producers just laugh off the accusation and tell the contestants to stop speculating.

Heather has been a favorite on “The Bachelor” and has caught Sam Wood’s attention. She recently won the rose and had a superhero date with Sam.

Heather’s bio on the official site of “The Bachelor” states she is an “aspiring filmmaker.” reported that some of her showreels emerged online overnight after rumors surfaced. In one, she appeared in an ad for Sex Week while in another reel, Heather is wearing a G-string.

Buzzfeed also shared a Zoosh salad and mayonnaise dressing ad in which Heather appeared in 2014.

“The Bachelor” airs on Wednesday and Thursday nights, 7.30pm on Ten.

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