‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2015: Contestant Gets Pregnant? Pregnancy Scare Just Weeks Before Filming

“The Bachelor Australia” has been rocked by a pregnancy scare after a “high-profile contestant” was thought to be pregnant.

According to Famous magazine, the contestant informed the show producers that she might be pregnant just before the filming started.

The magazine quoted a source saying the bachelorette met with her ex-boyfriend a few weeks before filming commenced.

“She wouldn’t stop crying and apologizing,” the insider said, noted the Daily Mail.

The magazine wrote a doctor was called in for consultations, but the pregnancy test eventually came back negative.

The bachelorettes remain mum about the issue but speculations have been circulating on who among the remaining contestants could it be.

Among the frontrunners on the show are Snezana Markoski and Heather Maltman.

Snezana, the 34-year-old Perth beauty, already has a daughter, and has spoken that she wanted her next lover being a family oriented man, the Daily Mail wrote.

On the other hand, 29-year-old Heather has mentioned about her ex-boyfriend Bryan before, but it is unlikely that she met him prior to filming the show.

Although they are the top contenders in the show, it was revealed that none of them got the first kiss with “The Bachelor” Sam Wood.

Woman’s Day revealed that Sam hooked up last year with one of the contestants, Rebecca Chin.

Apparently, Sam and Bec met on a trip to Bali, Indonesia in August last year. However, Sam claims he didn’t recognize her when “The Bachelor” filming started. On the contrary, Bec instantly remembered the 35-year-old personal trainer the moment they were introduced at the first night cocktail party on the show, Woman’s Day added.

“Bec and I crossed paths in Bali last year as I was leaving a restaurant and we had a three minute conversation. I didn’t recognize her once on the show,” Sam told Woman’s Day.

However, the magazine said the two also shared a romantic kiss on a clifftop at Spanish restaurant in Bali.

“The Bachelor Australia” airs Wednesday and Thursdays on Channel 10 at 7.30pm.

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