It seems like “The Bachelor” star, Ben Higgins is setting his eyes on Olivia Caridi. In the premiere episode, Olivia got the first impression rose. Will she win his heart at the end of the season?

Higgins was interviewed on E! News to talk about the premiere episode of “The Bachelor.” And when it was time for the hot seat, he was asked who he thinks is the hottest among the contestants. Without any second thoughts, Ben mentioned Olivia Caridi.

Last December, spoilers mentioned that the names of Amanda Stanton, Olivia Caridi and Caila Quinn will be great rivals. But although Olivia got the first impression rose, Ben will not be totally impressed. It’s because she was speculated to join the competition only for publicity, Yahoo wrote.

“One of the things Ben worries about is if she is sincere, because she has a career in television. And he wonders, like everyone does, if she is there for the right reasons — or is she here for publicity?”

This one time, I put on the fanciest dress I've ever worn, stepped out of a limo, and began the most enriching and emotional adventure of a lifetime. It all starts tonight! #thebachelor

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Meanwhile, E! News hosts asked why Ben still chose Lace Morris to stay on the show. During the premiere episode, Lace got an instant place at “The Bachelor Hall of Crazy.”

Ben revealed that people will indeed question his choices. Nonetheless, he mentioned that he made those decisions on his own.

Ben, the Bachelor told the hosts,

“There’s a lot of things I see, I know in my interaction with the women… Everybody should know that this is my experience with these women and the decisions I make, the one that I keep is really up to me.”

Likewise, Ben dished that he prefers either blondes or brunettes. It looks like it’ll be harder to guess who Ben will pick among the contestants.

Do you think he will find true love on the show?

Catch the next episode of “The Bachelor” on January 11, Monday, on ABC.