Richie Strahan’s recent revelation about his true feelings for Sam Frost could overshadow his debut on the Bachelor 2016 Australia.

Viewers felt bad when Richie Strahan failed to capture the heart of Sam Frost. This was despite his high ratings on the Love Leaderboard at the time. Clearly, he was a front-runner but alas, the bachelorette felt a deeper connection with Sasha Mielczarek. A recent Instagram post that showed Sam wearing a silver ring on her wedding finger could hint at an engagement.

However, Richie would have his second chance to find true love. Early on, he revealed his desire to find a girl who is passionate and fiery. Someone who would challenge him. Thus, it would also be his chance to mend his broken heart from Sam Frost or so we thought.

As it turns out, the Bachelor 2016 Australia was never really in love with the bachelorette. Hence, his disappointment at not being the chosen one was not as heartbreaking as many would have thought. His revelation likely ruined the fantasy of the reality dating show’s diehard fans.

“Was I in love? No,” Richie told Who Magazine recently. Could this have been the reason why he had a hard time expressing his feelings for Sam then? Rove and Sam talked about Richie a few months back.

Then again, the situation seemed to work out for both of them in the end. Sam Frost has Sasha Mielczarek. It would also appear that Strahan found his ladylove after all. He ignored the advice of friends and took a chance on Bachelor 2016 Australia. A decision that he now seems very happy he made.

Apparently, one bachelorette from among the twenty-two women vying for his love caught his attention. However, he cannot reveal her identity now since the telecast of the Bachelor 2016 Australia is still a few days away. Hints at who Strahan’s perfect girl might be the bachelorette from Western Australia. Yet the recent disclosure of his preference for blondes could also point to about half of the women. Find out who captured his heart on July 27, Wednesday on Channel Ten.