The Bachelor 2016 Australia former contestant Megan Marx has found someone special despite not ending up with Richie Strahan.

Megan hit back on social media followers who called her and fellow the Bachelor 2016 Australia contestant Tiffany Scanlon as “slightly confused.” Some also questioned why a woman seeking a girlfriend would join a competition as The Bachelor.

“The show has not “furthered my career” and I did not expect it to. I went on the show to potentially meet someone amazing, and found something even more amazing. I live in a small town with a very simple life. All this hate is cruel,” Megan wrote.

The Bachelor 2016 Australia stars continue to spark dating rumors as they keep on sharing photos together in a rather affectionate way. They recently stripped down to their lingerie for a photoshoot. The 27-year-old health promotions officer captioned one of the photos: “With my baby”.

The two first sparked dating speculations after they shared some racy snapshots together including naked photos in the bush and sharing spaghetti while topless. They also openly declared their love and affection for each other in their images. In one snapshot, Megan called Tiffany “my love.”

Gettin' muddy with my love @tiffany_janes.

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❤ @tiffany_janes

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Megan did not admit nor deny that there is a blossoming romance between her and Tiffany. She even teased fans in an interview with NW, in which she said she wouldn’t rule out a relationship with another woman. Tiffany, on the other hand, has reportedly said she did actually find love on The Bachelor 2016 Australia, and that is Megan.

Megan previously admitted to OK! Magazine that she and Tiffany have the most conventional relationship. The 26-year-old training administrator recently relocated to Megan’s hometown of Geraldton in Western Australia to be closer to her BFF.

Although the pair has not officially declared themselves to be in a romantic relationship, they have proven to be very close to each other.

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