Will “Avengers: Infinity War” be the last time fans will see Steve Rogers on screen? It has long been rumoured that he will soon die in the movies as he did in the comic books. Will the upcoming “Avengers 3” his last movie alive? Who will replace him as Captain America?

It has yet to be confirmed if Rogers will indeed perish in the next movie. But he does die after the “Civil War” arc in the comic books. “Captain America: Civil War” has just been released. Does that mean Rogers might be taken out soon? Or will Marvel Studios keep him around for future movies?

No report has come out to confirm this. But Movie Pilot has already begun speculating who might replace him if he does die. There are two candidates the movie blog thinks could replace Rogers. One would be Sam Wilson. The other candidate would be Bucky Barnes.

Wilson is currently Falcon, a trusted member of Team Cap. Barnes, on the other hand, is the Winter Soldier, Rogers’ best friend. Who is more likely to carry the shield next?

Movie Pilot thinks Bucky should be the one to take up Rogers’ mantle after he dies. “Bucky seems to be the perfect candidate to take up Steve’s role,” the film blog said. “Unlike Sam, Bucky hasn’t really had a chance to become a hero.”

Meanwhile, in a separate report, Movie Pilot suggests that Team Cap would become the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Secret Avengers. In the comics, the Secret Avengers are the “covert branch of the Avengers, acting as a Black Ops strike team.”

Will Steve Rogers really die soon? Who will replace him as Captain America? Fans will have to wait a while to find out. “Avengers 3” will not hit the big screen until May 4, 2018.