GENEVA – The automotive industry sees companies like Apple and Google as serious competition, as the tech giants plans unfold to also enter the car market. Bloomberg reported Tuesday that based on a walkabout among automakers at the Geneva Motor Show.

Reportedly wants to Apple in 2020, his first electric car on the market. Google intends to have a self-propelled vehicle on the road within five years. “If these companies continue plans, it can go fast,” concluded CEO Martin Winterkorn of Volkswagen. He showed bread in a possible collaboration with the tech companies. Also at BMW they are aware of the competition. “We should not underestimate”, said sales director Ian Robertson. “All of the automotive industry remains a complex market.”

Even with Tesla and GM they recognize the potential of the tech giants. The automakers are hoping to be the competition by producing new electric cars in two years that more than 320 kilometers to drive without having to be recharged interim.