Australian and Victoria Secret model Bridget Malcolm has been named Australia’s sexiest vegan celebrity of 2015, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.

PETA made the formal announcement, saying that Malcolm beat the likes of John Butler, Liam Hemsworth, Daniel Johns, Siddle, Sheridyn Fisher and Renee Somerfield to win the coveted title.

“At the rate of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, I don’t understand how people can be OK — and even proud — of their bad eating habits when they are killing themselves slowly,” Malcolm told PETA.

She added: “It physically pains me to see suffering, and I go out of my way to avoid any chance of hurting another creature — human, animal or insect. Not to mention how animal agriculture is the biggest destroyer of our natural world.”

Bridget Malcolm/ Instagram

Bridget Malcolm/ Instagram

Malcolm and Shanina Shaik are the only two Australian models who walk the ramp for Victoria Secret.

Malcolm’s Instagram account is widely followed by thousands of people and she does not shy away from showing of her body.

Last month, a picture she uploaded on Instagram, in which she is shown wearing a two-piece yellow bikini was criticized as haters labelled her as ’anorexic’, a report from the The Daily Mail says.

Bridget Malcolm/ Instagram

She got back at them by saying that she works hard, eats well and she just wants to show people how healthy she is. She also urged women to stay together on such sensitive issues and not spread hurtful sentiments towards each other.

“I work hard, I eat well and I want to show people how healthy and happy I am,” she told the Daily Mail. The website further quotes her in saying:

“People who make that [being skinny] a problem should be called out….Women shouldn’t be tearing each other down we should be supporting each other.”

Bridget Malcolm/ Instagram

Malcolm, 24, spend her Christmas in Perth and she has flown back to the US, from where she now resides.