An Australian professor has been kidnapped along with his American colleague at gunpoint from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul.

Local media reports have suggested that the victims worked as doctors at a hospital near where they were abducted on Sunday. The kidnappers, who were disguised as National Security officers in uniform, carried out the kidnapping plan as reported.

Kabul Police Chief Abdel Rahman Rahimi confirmed the abduction. The Department of Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson said that the Australian Embassy hasn’t verified the reports yet.

The US State Department, on the other hand, confirmed knowing about the kidnapping reports. “We are aware of reports of a US citizen kidnapped in Kabul. Due to privacy considerations, we have no information to offer,” the department said in a statement.

The abduction is the latest in the series following Taliban claiming responsibility for harming tourists as well as an Afghan driver in the west of Afghanistan that is always conflict-ridden. There were eight people from Britain, two from the US and one from Germany in the group that was attacked. A Taliban spokesman who claimed the group’s responsibility said that they target “foreign occupiers and mercenaries.”

The Taliban militants attacked a tourist group comprising 12 American and European tourists. An Afghan army convoy escorted the tourists in western Heart Province on Thursday. In the incident, almost seven people were severely injured, leading to general awareness of being careful, especially while traveling.

Following the kidnapping of the two academicians, Afghanistan has been facing a violent insurgency. The Western embassies have warned their citizens, asking them to be careful while traveling in the nation seeing the increasing cases of attack and kidnapping.

The American University of Afghanistan is a non-profit organization with over 1,700 students. It is a co-educational institution. According to 9News, the US Agency for International Development provides funds in millions to the university.