Retired Australian TV star Martin Lynes has been charged for sexually harassing a woman at her place in Bateau Bay situated on the NSW central coast.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the actor has been charged for nine allegations because the victim was admitted to the hospital for treatment for concussion, bites and bruises. The charges included sexual intercourse once without consent, once for act of indecency and thrice for common physical abuse. The “All Saints” actor was charged at Wyong police station on February 28.

A NSW Local Court’s spokesman told that Lynes has been granted bail but on conditions. Police has provided a violence order against the actor, 48, according to which he is not allowed to be found within 100 metres of the victim’s house. The actor has also been banned from contacting the victim by any means. The statement released from authorities has claimed that the actor would defend himself against the charges. “The defendant [Lynes] has mounted the PINOP (person in need of protection) on the lounge and started digging his fingers into her face and continued pulling at her hair,” the statement read. “The PINOP was yelling at the defendant to get off her.”

According to reports, Lynes denied the assault claims when the Express Advocate contacted him. The TV star said he would be defending the charges laid against him. Following his retirement from his acting career, Lynes started a real estate agency located in the central coast of New South Wales. The matter will be presented to the Wyong court again on April 27.

Aside from Lynes’ case, another saddening news has been reported in the Australian entertainment industry which stated the loss of brilliant and multi-talented Aussie performer, Jon English. He died at the age of 66 due to complications from surgery. ABC News confirmed that Ambition Entertainment representatives said that the artist was surrounded by family members when he took his last breath.