An Australian man was luckily able to survive a crocodile attack in his tent this morning in the Douglas Daly region of the Top End, north of Catherine.

The 19-year old Peter Rowsell was attacked by a crocodile when he was happily camping with his family.

ABC reported that Rowsell camped 15 metres from Dorisvale crossing, south-west of Darwin. He was sleeping and suddenly woke up and saw his tent shaking.

“I was down at Dorisvale, and at about 4:30 this morning, I was sleeping in a mozzie net, and … I woke up and there was something shaking my foot, and I woke up and had a look and it was three to four metres long,” Rowsell said.

He said that the reptile was fiercely trying to maul him and attacked his right foot. Good thing, he managed to get off its grip after hitting its head several times. The crocodile later slithered into the water. Rowsell said that he was unsure whether the crocodile came from saltwater or freshwater.

After the attack, the family left the camping site at 5:00am and Rowsell was taken to a Katherine hospital. He is undergoing a medical treatment and is taking antibiotics to nullify the infection. Overall, he is in a stable condition, according to NT News.

Gail Liston,Department of Health spokeswoman, said that his injury is not serious and he was lucky to escape the reptile’s clutches.

Adam Britton, Crocodile specialist and Charles Darwin University’s Senior Research Associate, said that Rowsell set up the tent too close to the water.

“If he’s camping 15 metres from the water, that is too close. And the official recommendation with croc-wise is 50 metres minimum,” he said.

“People break the 50-metre rule all the time. I mean I’ve done it myself in the past, but I don’t think I’d do it today, that’s for sure.