,With the Australian Election 2016 approaching fast, several promises and pledges have been made by the nominated members of the federal election. Bill Shorten was criticized by Today host show Lisa Wilkinson for his ‘sexist’ comments on childcare. In a scorching debate, the Opposition Leader’s comments about women’s pivotal responsibility when it comes to looking after kids evoked disparagement among Australian women.

Mr. Shorten recently announced $100 billion for extra childcare, which would enhance childcare benefit by 15 percent. What’s disappointing is that he hardly made any acknowledgment of the fact that Australian men are also equally responsible for the little human beings, states The Gurdian.

His comments raised agitation among women, driving Wilkinson into commenting about his typical views of a stereotype of women as second-class citizens. “When Bill Shorten describes women as having the second job, that men ‘rely on women to take care of all things when it comes to looking after the kids’, in other words, so men can get on with doing all the important stuff,” she said.

Mr. Shorten’s remarks about working woman with kids finding it difficult to cope with domestic investments in children fees indicates his chauvinistic views. He went on with his remarks, referring to mothers working in offices as second job in families. Hence, the need to invest in childcare is inevitable.

“Let’s face it, men in Australia rely on the women in Australia to do the childcare and to organize childcare,” he said. To that Wilkinson shot back with the question, “Isn’t parenting about sharing responsibilities?” She called Shorten’s remarks as outdated and of last century, notes Junkee.

Although heavily criticized for his comments, Mr. Shorten stood his ground and stated he did not regret his comments. At a press conference in a child care center, Shorten clarified that men are indeed stepping up for child care, but until today, the burden of the kids’ care fall disproportionately on working mums. However, a recent report suggests that if Bill Shorten could win over Malcom Turbull, it would mean awesome changes.

He further lays emphasis on childcare issues that go beyond just women’s issues. It is an economic issue that encompasses an entire nation, he said. Shorten, therefore, wants to make sure both father and mother of a child can go to work and take care of their child equally, according to news.com.au.

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