The founder and CEO of one of the most controversial dating website has claimed that Australians are more adventurous than their US counterparts. He also claimed that there are more Sugar Daddies in Australia than in the US.

“Seeking Arrangement” which was found in 2006, provide attractive female students dubbed  “sugar babies” to rich older man, Sugar Daddies for cinema dates, gym trips and holidays. These girls get monthly cash allowance and lavish gifts in return. “Miss travel” is another website owned by Wade which allows ladies to travel for free with “generous members”.

The 46-year-old Brandon Wade of the controversial online dating empire said that when they launched their   online dating sites “Seeking Arrangement” and “Miss Travel” the number of Australian users always used to be far more than that from the US.

He said, “When we launched either Seeking Arrangement or Miss Travel, the number of users in Australia always tends to spike faster than in the US. I think users in Australia tend to accept the concept much more readily.”

According to, the reason behind it is that Wades website is constantly criticised and compared to prostitution in the US. In Australia, on the other hand, prostitution is legal.

The “mutually beneficial relationships” involved has led the critics in some fraction, compared the website straightforwardly to prostitution, reported Mail Online.

Wade thinks that his critics are superficial. He said that all his websites fall under “generous dating” which he constantly argued was not like prostitution.

He noted, “I do get annoyed when words like ‘prostitution’ get thrown around so freely.”

He continued, “the line between a relationship and a financial arrangement is really a very closely associated grey zone. Even in the case of marriage, there are financial transactions that happen every day.”

Wade argued, “My mother would get a monthly cheque from my father, and that was her allowance. To say when money is involved that it makes it like prostitution is wrong.”