As Australia elections 2016 results seem to favor the Coalition, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull returned to work with a mindset of facing increased troubles in his second term if he won.

The very first challenge the prime minister will have to face is reshuffling the cabinet, reported. Who will remain on the front bench and which minister will be replaced because of his falling performance and declining trustworthiness are what remain to be seen when Turnbull takes on the second term of his post.

On Sunday night, eight days after the federal elections polling, the vote count indicated the win of the Coalition, as it seemed to have won one-or-two seat majority in the House of Representatives while five seats were yet in doubt. Considering the counting, Turnbull claimed his win in the elections. On Sunday, the prime minister decided to play safe as far as election promises and other issues were concerned. This came following one of the toughest PM races in Australian politics, where the win-loss difference until now is minimal.

“As you know, I have said that the Ministry I lead — I led to the election, will be the Ministry I lead after the election,” he told reporters in Sydney. “Regrettably, several ministers have not been returned and so there will be some changes.”

Following the Sunday results, Turnbull not only claimed his victory but also thanked his family for the support they offered. He also showed his gratitude to Australians for letting him conduct the election campaign peacefully and trusting him once again. “This is a great day today,’’ Turnbull said as quoted by The Advertiser. “It’s a great day to thank the Australian people for the decision they have taken in this election and to commit to them anew our absolutely unrelenting determination to ensure that this Parliament delivers good government, wise legislation and builds on the strengths of our economy to ensure that truly our greatest days are yet ahead of us.”.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten accepted his loss after the latest revelation of vote counts. He expressed his best wishes to both Turnbull and his wife Lucy Turnbull on winning the Australia elections 2016. Both Turnbull and Shorten pledged to work for the good of the nation and uplift the Australians economically as well as socially.