Friday, September 30, 2016

Australia Elections 2016: Coalition To Have Majority? Counting Nears End

Australia Elections 2016: Coalition To Have Majority? Counting Nears End


With the postal vote counts for Australia Elections 2016, the Coalition seems to have considerable chances of winning a full majority and forming a government.

Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne, despite his knowledge that the counting of votes is yet not over, has declared that the coalition has won the Aussie elections with 74 seats already recorded “in the bank.”

He added that there are three more votes to be in soon. To form a complete majority government, the coalition will have to secure a minimum of 76 seats.

“We’ve won the election. “We’ve got 74 seats in the bank and very likely to win Herbert, Capricornia, and Flynn,” Pyne told Channel Nine’s Today program on Friday.

“We’re even an outside chance still in Hindmarsh and Cowan, so we will form a majority government and we’re also making arrangements with some of the crossbenchers for supply and confidence.”

Until Wednesday afternoon, it seemed that Australia was heading towards a hung parliament. However, the postal votes have changed the scenario indicating the Coalition’s win. Seeing the increasing chances of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s win in the federal elections, key independent leader Bob Katter has offered his support.

Katter has declared he will support the government in a confidence motion and will ensure backing in case there is a possibility of a hung parliament. However, he said he might change his views in the near future. He could also change his mind of supporting the coalition if he found that Turnbull’s government was functioning inappropriately. 

The vote figures changed suddenly with Labor’s 732 votes in Capricornia dropping to mere 202 votes. In addition, Herbert electorate saw a drop in Labor votes from 620 to 449 while Flynn experienced the same deterioration in vote counts to 645 from 1065.

Meanwhile, Labor’s deputy leader Tanya Pilbersek denied accepting the loss, reported The Guardian. She said that there are chances of Turnbull’s party to win Australia elections 2016, but at the same time there is a possibility of the party to fail to secure 76 seats for a majority.

Turnbull, who walked down to Brisbane shopping mall on Thursday, said that he was sure of forming a majority government as depicted by the positive vote count trend.

  • Susan Goebel

    but wasn’t he also sure of a clear sweep win? Liberal may govern(JUST) but they didn’t win in the eyes of so many Australian people, we voted and spoke as to what we wanted if it wasn’t for preferential voting the outcome would not be the same, the attack on our health system. aged care, disabled etc will be their undoing as we will see a clear result against the coalition state by state in upcoming state elections, I would like nothing better to see the remaining votes swinging away from the coalition, and i praying for this as Australians we need stability which we are not receiving and haven’t been for past three years, the true colors showed with the no deals rants that eventuated in deals, Mr Katter has not left behind his previous national stand which he held for most of his parliamentary career and this has become more evident to the Australians people , why run as an independent to give people a false impression, remember “there will be no deals with the coalition”, i feel the people have been robbed again we spoke and again we went unheard, next time in every state and the next fed election we will speak even louder, give the people what they deserve,, cut the perks, bigger taxes for the rich would see a surplus rapidly, but that is not going to happen is it? the more the elderly, disabled, low income and our health system is attacked the more people will turn their backs on the coalition.,so who will they choose for the chair? another biased Bishop personality? Tasmania who has been ignored for so long got it right. other states will follow.