Australia Denies Visa for US Anti-Abortion Troy Newman Newman

Amidst controversies surrounding US Singer Chris Brown’s denial of visa, US anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman has been stopped from entering Australia.

As reported by The Guardian, Troy Newman was supposed to deliver a talk in the country on “save the babies down under” which was promoted by an Australian group named, Right to Life.

Labor Member of the Parliament Terri Butler called Newman an “anti-choice extremist” and said that his character is questionable to be granted a visa by Australia.

Butler, in her letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, said, that Newman could “cause significant harm to our community” because the latter had “previously called for the execution of abortion doctors,” as reported on The Guardian.

Raw Story notes that in the United States, Newman is joined by Republican lawmakers “in leading attacks on Planned Parenthood,” a health care provider.

The site reported that Newman’s group, named Operation Rescue, was linked to Cheryl Sullenger, who was previously sentenced for being involved in a bomb plot. This group was alleged to commit “violence and threats against abortion providers.”

The group even coordinated with Center for Medical Progress in uncovering videos which supposedly showed that Planned Parenthood was “illegally selling fetal tissue for profit.” However, investigations on the matter found “no evidence of wrong doing” and the videos were misleading.

The Immigration Minister confirmed on Wednesday the cancellation of Newman’s visa.

“Mr Newman can appeal for a revocation of this decision and no further comment will be made during this appeal period,” according to Dutton.

Newman was about to board his flight in Los Angeles when he was stopped due to his visa denial by the government of Australia.

In a statement made by the Operation Rescue, they claimed that “Newman has never advocated violence and in fact, urges pro-life activists to work within the governmental and legal system to accomplish change.”

Cheryl Sullenger called the action as a “political persecution” and “an attempt to silence the pro-life message in Australia.”

The group who invited Newman in Australia is said to be working on the reversal of the visa cancellation.

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