Woolworths will be withdrawing Australia Day 2016 merchandise from its stores following an unfortunate error. The grocery giant has forgotten to include Tasmania on its products that feature the map of Australia.

According to news.com.au, Woolworths had Australia Day caps with a flag-filled outline of the country, but without the most southern state. The grocery chain issued a statement saying it is aware of the issue and is in the process of withdrawing the product from supermarket shelves. The Tasmanians are not happy. “We should be on the map. We’re all one country, aren’t we?” a man told 7 News. Many have posted their reactions on Woolworths’ Facebook Page as well as tweeted their displeasure.

A user tweeted, “Well this is awkward … where’s #Tasmania @woolworths? #AustraliaDay #fail.” Another user said, “#woolworths cutting embroidery costs and #Tasmania out of its #StrayaDay merchandise. Ouch!#fail.”

“I always find it offensive,” a woman said according to Yahoo News, referring to numerous similar occurrences. “I hope that it was an oversight and not deliberate. Tasmania also disappeared from Olympic medals and posters for Baz Luhrmann’s movie ‘Australia,’ so it’s very disappointing that the same oversight has happened a number of times,” Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie told news.com.au.

This is not the first time Tasmania has been chopped off from the map. Sydney Morning Herald recalls that the Apple Isle was dropped off the map of Australia when it featured on the swimsuit of athletes who were participating in the Commonwealth Games 2014.

Tasmania was also “left out” during the opening ceremony of the 1982 Commonwealth Games when the athletes formed a giant map of the country. Time and again, they have been deleted from some of the official souvenirs and collectibles. According to Sydney Morning Herald, the state was again ignored a few years back in 2012 when Arnott’s released its commemorative Australia Day Shape biscuits.