Austin Mahone New Girlfriend is Taylor Swift’s BFF?


American teen pop Austin Mahone has revealed his desire to be part of Taylor Swift’s girl gang. He is incredibly confident he’d totally fit in with her circle of friends.

“I’m sure she would make room for me,” the young singer said, notes AOL Online.

Notably, Taylor is great friends with Camila Cabello who happens to be Austin’s ex-girlfriend.

Fans remember their much talked about break-up after dating for several months. Shortly after the split, the “Dirty Work” singer started dating Latina singer Becky G. The two also broke up after several months of long distance dating.

Will Taylor give up her loyalty towards her girl squad? Will she welcome a new guy member to her group of girls?

Probably not, but who knows. Maybe Austin will be the exception.

Aside from try to join the list of Taylor’s A-list BFFs, Mahone also revealed that he has been getting advice from the “Wildest Dreams” singer.

He revealed that Looks like Austin has taken Taylor’s advice of surrounding himself with beautiful women too seriously.

“Just watching her show, I’m getting advice just from how she performs. And she’s told me to keep my family close, and always work hard and work towards what I want to accomplish,” Mahone said, quotes The Inquisitr.

He added that TS also advised him to “always have to surround myself with beautiful women.”

As for his ideal girlfriend, the “Mmm Yeah” singer revealed he wants someone who knows her way to his stomach.

“But I just look for someone that can make some great food, someone that is a little shorter than me and someone that loves music as much as I do,” the Inquisitr quoted.

Is Mahone targetting anyone from Taylor’s girl squad? Let us know in the comments below.

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