Austin Mahone Becky G: ‘He’s Very Spontaneous’ & ‘Romantic’


There’s no doubt that Austin Mahone and Becky G are happy in love. In two separate interviews, the couple couldn’t stop gushing about each other.

After spending time with each other at Miami Beach a few weeks ago, Austin and Becky were at it again, telling the world what they love most about each other.

In an exclusive interview with online site, Latina, Becky G revealed that her BF’s spontaneity is one of the best things about him.

“He is very spontaneous, and I love that about him, just because we can just be hanging out all day in sweatpants and just eating some cereal and then the next day we could be in the zoo or jet skiing in South Beach,” the latina singer shared.

“It’s just fun, and we don’t have to think about it. That’s what’s so romantic about it. We kind of just go with the flow, and we just end up places we never thought we would end up.”

Becky G was also asked about her “Mahomies” and how their fans reacted to the news that they’re officially dating. The “Shower” singer admitted that fans have been very supportive of their relationship. She also revealed that she was a big Mahone fan even before they became friend and started dating.

“I think fans can tell that my intentions are true and they’re genuine and I really care about him,” Becky G added.

Meanwhile, Austin also had his fair share of sweet words for his lady love. In an interview with E! News, the “Mmm Yeah” singer revealed that being from the same industry works for him and Becky, despite their long distance relationship.

“What I love so much about Becky is I feel like I can just relate to her so much…It’s cool to date someone that does the same thing you do so you can express when you’re stressed out about this and that, and they can be like ‘I feel you and understand because I’m feeling the same,'” he shared.

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