Audi R8 V10 Spyder 2015 Price, Specs & Review: Perfect Redesign of the Classic

This year’s version of Audi R8 supercars – Audi R8 V10 Spyder – is “lighter, faster, and more powerful” and it is the perfect redesign of the classic model.

According to the Herald Recorder, the new Audi R8 is “significantly lighter” than the previous version because of the multi-material frame of the vehicle — a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber plastics.

We created a list of Good and Not-so-good specs and features of the sports car.


Audi R8 has V10 engine with a choice of two power outputs, What Car reported.

The basic 5.2-litre R8 V10 comes with 533bhp and 398lb ft of torque. It can easily manage 0-62mph run in just 3.5 seconds, and it goes to a maximum speed of 200mph.

R8 V10 Plus, on the other hand, drives as fast as 3.2 seconds from 0-62mph, and 9.9 seconds for 0-124mph. It has a 602bhp engine which has a maximum torque output of 413lb ft, What Car revealed.

This Audi super car also has cylinder-on-demand technology which shuts down one of the cylinder banks if not needed. It also has a seven-speed S-tronic dual clutch automatic transmission.

When it comes to design, What Car said the Audi R8 2015 Spyder has some similarities in style with its predecessor but there are also significant changes. All of its exterior components are new, including the new R8’s signature single frame grille and complete aluminum body. Its interior has been redesigned as well.

Top Speed also noted that unlike other versions of the R8, the 2015 Audi R8 Spyder can look like the Lamborghini in more ways than one.

“This is the most raucous, rowdy Audi yet, and it’s most certainly a supercar,” the site described.

It also has the latest virtual cockpit with a large TFT monitor placed directly in front of the driver, the Car and Drivers added.


Car enthusiasts’ reviews also listed some of Audi R8 Spyder downsides.

The Gadget Review observed its limited interior space. It has very little room in the cabin of the car. Its frunk, as it’s called, is only good for a single Pullmen or a few overnight bags.

It also mentioned R8 Spyder’s lack of Bluetooth audio playback despite the fact phone call over the R8’s audio system is allowed.


What Car said this Audi super car is available to order in the UK beginning May 2015. Price starts at £119,500 for the V10 and £137,500 for the V10 Plus. Deliveries are expected to take place later this year.

The Kelly Blue Book placed 2015 Audi R8 V10 Plus price at $196,500.

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