“Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia” marks the end of the three-part series developed by Climax Studios for publisher Ubisoft.

Among the many Assassin’s Creed series including the ones from Ubisoft developers, Russia is the closest to a modern setting thus far. It includes pulling off stealth maneuvers with the help of present-day objects such as elevators, phones, radios, and trip wires. Players will also be able to interact with tanks, trucks, trains and other familiar vehicles.

Although the story isn’t that deep, Russia offers the best story among the Chronicles titles. If you have to play only one game from the Chronicles series, choose Russia as suggested by GamesRadar. Players get to command Nikolai, a veteran assassin who decides to leave the Order. He will do so after this last mission which is to recover an artifact from a Russian imperial family. The “old man” angle, however, has already been explored by Ezio Auditore and is told better.

Compared to China and India, Russia has the best gameplay in terms of stealth because it has the most tools in the environment that the player can use to maximize his ability to sneak around undetected or behind targets. Previous titles did not offer much options with regards to this and usually involves hiding in a corner then move to another once the guard turned his back. Take a look for yourself in this 14 minute video uploaded by IGN.

Russia also happens to have the most responsive control system according to a review from Destructoid. Gamers who prefer the direct approach will not be rewarded as well as those who prefer stealth in Russia. Such is the case in India as well. The game gives more bonus to missions accomplished without engaging battle.

It may not be that great to deserve a praise but it is inarguably the best one among the Chronicles. Russia will be released on February 10.