Asian Students in New Zealand Suffer Violent Public Attacks: Thailand Issues Warning

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A spate of violent attacks on Asian students in Auckland has raised concern for the authorities.  After a series of attack on Asian students in New Zealand, Thailand’s Ambassador to New Zealand warned the Thai community in Auckland to be cautious and to avoid dangerous places.

Six Asians were attacked in Auckland and these were carried out in public places and during the broad daylight.  Auckland City Police Inspector Joe Tipene stated that the assaults were disturbing. He confirmed that assailants were arrested in two cases.

Two Chinese female students from Auckland University were attacked in the first case. The attackers were a group of up to 6 boys and girls. The Chinese students were attacked while they were walking through the Albert Park around 8:30 pm. The attackers punched, kicked and pulled the victims’ hair. The two girls were shaken and bruised, reported

The New Zealand Chinese Students Association (NZCSA) has organized a meeting with police, Auckland Council, the University of Auckland, and the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China following the incidents, reported

NZCSA president Naisi Chen said that the objective of the meeting was to educate the students on safety measures to avoid similar incidents.

He said, “what really motivated us to do this is simply because we wanted to convey one positive energy to the Chinese students.”

Meanwhile, Thailand Ambassador Maris Sangiampongsa informed that there had been around 5 attacks on Thai nationals in the last five years which includes two incidents this month, according to another report by

Reportedly, A 50-year-old Thai woman, Jindarat Prutsiriporn, could not survive the injuries she had during an attack. Another middle-aged Thai woman was also attacked in Henderson.

Although, Sangiampongsa  said that he did not think that Auckland was becoming more dangerous for people from Thailand, he asked them to be cautious. He said, “My advice to the community is to just be very careful and try to avoid the areas in Auckland that may be dangerous or not good to visit.”

On the other hand, Thailand is no longer considered as a paradise for expats. The authorities in the country are worried about the surge of expatriates.

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