Ashley Madison Hack List: TV Show in the Works?


Ashley Madison hasn’t quit creating headlines since the site hack and now arrives the news about the OutEast Entertainment coming out with a show based on the popular adultery website.

Steven Marrs and Courtney Hazlett, partners on OutEast Entertainment, will be producing the show. It is in the early stages of talks and the working title for the show is “Thank You Ashley Madison.” As shared by The Hollywood Reporter, the project will be written by Jennifer Kennedy and Ian MacDonald for Marblemedia which has a head-quarters in Toronto.

For those wondering what the series would be about, its is clear that it won’t be revolving around the website’s founder Noel Biderman. As noted by Cinema Blend, the producers find the founder “too stereotypical” to become the protagonist. Many would expect a guy to launch an adultery website.

The show will instead be seen focusing on a mother who starts the website in order to support her family members.

Hazlett told the website, “Anytime 30 million people are doing anything, it becomes worthy of a real discussion.”

Marblemedia’s co-CEO Matt Hornburg also confirmed the news to THR and shared that the project is in its “early stages.” He also pointed out that with the Ashley Madison news doing the rounds currently, it would be the best time to come out with the show based on the website in question.

The Ashley Madison website information dump has probably given grief to many families and probably 30 million individuals, one of them being Josh Duggar, who recently released a statement admitting his actions. His parents were reportedly, heartbroken to hear the news. This left fans wondering whether Anna would walk out on the marriage. The entire event threw more light on the adultery website.

Now, even in its early stages, the show – “Thank You Ashley Madison,” has come under the spotlight indicating that the producers are heading in the right direction. A topic as controversial as this one is bound to grab eye-balls.

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