The fourth season of “Arrow” was not exactly kind to Quentin Lance. He was left reeling, following the death of his daughter, Laurel. Will the fifth season see him go insane from too much grief?

Actor Paul Blackthorne seems to think so. Blackthorne, who plays Quentin on “Arrow,” recently had a sit-down with Collider. And he answered bluntly when asked if his character had any “mental sanity” left. “None left, whatsoever,” he said. “Obviously, in the past, Sara has come back a couple of times now. The toughest thing, beyond Laurel’s actual death, is reconciling why, even though Sara has come back before, Laurel can’t come back….That’s the toughest thing for Lance.”

The actor did not disclose whether or not Quentin ever gets over Laurel’s death. “It’s all miserable stuff,” he explained. “The person that got him through the previous devastation and grief has been Laurel, and she’s not around to be that person. That’s what horrifies him and scares him the most. It’s not just the grief over Laurel…She has been the cornerstone of his life, so it’s pretty hard to handle the idea of life without her.”

Will Quentin blame Oliver for what happened to his daughter? “He would never have any ill feelings toward Oliver for what happened to Laurel. It’s not Oliver’s fault that Darhk plunged one of his arrows into her heart. Without a doubt, all of his anger is directed at Darhk,” the actor explained.

Meanwhile, according to Access Hollywood, Quentin might just turn to Nyssa al Ghul to see if there is a supernatural way to bring Laurel back. “Lance is interested in finding any way — in a world he doesn’t really understand — to bring his daughter back,” Blackthorne said. Quentin’s other daughter, Sara, was previously brought back to life with Laurel’s help.