Spoilers for “Arrow” season 5 episode 1 hint at hope for the beleaguered TV series.

Anticipation for the upcoming season of “Arrow” is as high as fans’ expectations. The previous storytelling strategies did not work for the series in the last two seasons. A good case in point are the use of flashbacks that lost its appeal among viewers. A fact acknowledged by even the shows’ producers who promised that next time would be better.

With a lot riding on episode 1 of season 5, is there a chance for “Arrow” to redeem itself? Movie Pilot seems to think there is, as the show appears headed in “the right direction – back to its roots. The show is shrinking down in scale and staying in Star City while introducing multiple vigilantes.”

Actor Stephen Amell earlier revealed his desire for the show to return to its core elements. Hence, viewers could expected to see his alter ego engage in more hand-to-hand combats with less super powers in season 5. Episode 1 would also provide him the opportunity to realize his desire to clean up Star City.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted about the official start of production on “Arrow” season 5. His post also shared the title of episode 1, which is “Legacy.” James Bamford directs the episode. The publication posted the title might refer to Queen’s assumption to the mayoral position of Star City.

Hence, the position given to him would be his motive to serve the city by day as its mayor. He would then continue his service at night but as the Green Arrow this time around. The publication presented other theories about season 5 as suggested by fans. One theory involves reuniting Team Arrow. Admittedly, this might not have a direct link to the episode’s title. However, some hope this idea would be a big theme for the first half of the latest season. Another theory talked about the role of Detective Lance and the possible he might take to honor the memory of Laurel. While this might tie in with the definition of legacy, the publication seemed certain that fans would see less of his character this season.