“Arrow” season 4 will soon end but before it does, actor David Ramsey shared details about what fans can expect. Moreover, he teased about what’s coming next in season 5.

Ramsey revealed what’s likely the biggest spoiler to date about “Arrow” season 4. While Olicity has hit rocky times in their relationship, Diggle revealed that a reconciliation could be in the works, the Mirror wrote. However, he denied the likelihood that a wedding would take place in the finale.

“Will there be a wedding? No. Will they make up? Hmmm,” Ramsey revealed. “You’ll see movement in the right direction, but you won’t get everything you want,” Ramsey added. Hence, fans hoping for a wedding would have to wait longer for it.

Ramsey also revealed Team Arrow’s continuous effort to take down Damian Darkh. The actor noted their determination to track him down and save everything because of the high stakes involved. Could this be the grim end foretold by the show’s producers?

“Darkh – [the finale is] all about Damian Darkh. [Darkh] has to get his comeuppance,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey echoed Stephen Amell’s earlier desire to bring back “street fighting” Batman-style to the series. Hence, “Arrow” fans who also miss the fighting scenes from seasons 1 and 2 could see it again in season 5 if Ramsey has anything to say about it.

“None of these nukes, getting a guy with a bow and arrow to come along and save the world, back to the streets. Diggle is military, Oliver is best when fighting – and Felicity behind the computer doing her magic opening doors. That’s what I love as a fan,” Ramsey told the publication.

Ramsey likely got his wish granted earlier as shown in the official trailer for “Lost in the Flood.” His character, Diggle, got some into some serious fight sequences with HIVE Operatives. This battle could top the list of awesomeness, Design & Trend remarked.

The publication cited another notable highlight from the trailer that many wouldn’t have expected. In a sudden turn of events, Thea attacks her brother, Oliver. Could she be under a mind control spell, the publication wonders.

Watch “Arrow” episode 22 on May 18 at 8 p.m. ET to find out what happens.