Ariana Grande Proves She’s ‘Dangerous’; Ready for Fifth Harmony Showdown?

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is ready to drop her new album “Dangerous Woman” on May 20, which coincides with Fifth Harmony’s “7/27.” As a result, some online news outlets are anticipating a showdown between the “donut-licking” queen and the singing quintet.

Either one of the highly-anticipated albums could take the top spot especially that both of them have a massive fan base, notes Pop Crush. Arianators and Harmonizers will give their support to their idols but only one could win the top spot.

Notably, Grande’s first two LP’s- “My Everything and “Yours Truly,, climbed straight to No. 1. Moreover, her current single, “Dangerous Woman,” is now infiltrating the Billboard Hot 100.

However, not everyone is pleased with Grande and her “Dangerous Woman” music video. According to NY Daily News, she slammed a fan who allegedly called her a “wh*re.”

“All respect, (I loved) ‘Dangerous Woman,’ but the trouble is that in (the video she’s) like a whore!” he commented on Grande’s official Facebook page. “Sorry for the rudeness. I only said the truth. SORRY.”

Surprisingly, Grande replied on the comment by stating “When will people stop being offended by women showing skin / expressing sexuality? men take their shirts off / express their sexuality on stage, in videos, on Instagram, anywhere they want to … all. the. time. I think it’s time you get your head out of your a– … woman can love their bodies too!!”

On the other hand, Fifth Harmony’s debut album “Reflection” made its way to the Hot 100 as one of the Top 10. Currently, their newest single “Work From Home” is already at the ninth spot. “7/27” might be at the top should their fan base persevere to campaign the new album.

If Grande is being criticised because of her music video, Fifth Harmony has been plagued with break up rumours. It has been noted that Camila Cabello allegedly collaborated with Shawn Mendes because of her intention to fulfill a solo career.

Who will take the top spot on the Billboard album charts? Will it be Ariana Grande or Fifth Harmony? Let us know in the comments below!

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