Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande dropped a couple of surprises that are sure to get Arianators off their feet and dancing this summer.

Ariana Grande shared Voodoo Love and OG Honeymoon Avenue via Soundcloud. She announced the release of both songs via Twitter and wrote “For You.” As it turns out, the songs are demos from her 2013 album Yours Truly. Hence, they are reminiscent of her earlier pop sound. Her latest tracks reflect a more mature sound that point towards her own personal growth. The lyrics of Voodoo Love are very different from any song on the Dangerous Woman album.

“I’m gonna witch you and stick a pin right in you,
My voodoo’s so addicting…
Baby, you’ll be mine, with my voodoo love, aw yeah.”

The timing for the release of both tracks comes after a significant change in her personal life. Would the songs reflect that she has moved on from Ricky Alvarez? The couple made headlines in 2015 following the infamous doughnut video of Ariana Grande. Aside from licking donuts at the counter, fans could not help but notice the PDA between the pop singer and her backup dancer. Then again, it might be her way of showing love for her fans.

Nevertheless, both tracks are quite refreshing and comes at a time when dance hits this summer seem wanting, Mashable noted. Voodoo Love is an example of the poppy music that made Ariana Grande famous early on.

The tune would have certainly topped the charts had it been part of her previous albums. Thus, the thought of it being dropped from any track list is indeed a surprise, according to HollywoodLife. OG Honeymoon Avenue would likely sound familiar to Arianators, as it is actually a version of her 2013 hit track Honeymoon Avenue. However, the revamp gives it a faster beat and uplifting feel in contrast to its predecessor.

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