Rumors suggest that Ariana Grande is the one responsible for the breakup of Big Sean and Naya Rivera.

Big Sean and his former girlfriend have been going through difficult times before the official split in 2014. According to sources, the former had no interest in planning for their wedding.

However, it appears that there might be a third party. Rivera surprised her then-boyfriend, only to find out that there was someone in his house.

According to Hollywood Life, The Glee actress hinted at the event on her memoir, Sorry not sorry. She said that there was a “little girl is sitting cross-legged on the couch listening to music.” She dropped the name “Shmariana Schmande”- which relatively rhymes with Ariana Grande.

Until now, the Dangerous Woman is still silent about the issue. However, a source told the celebrity mag that Grande is quite pissed off with the accusations.

“There is no love lost between Ariana [Grande] and Naya [Rivera], as they are definitely not friends. Ariana doesn’t appreciate the assumptions people are making about her and Big Sean and doesn’t like being a reason to sell books,” the source claimed. “Ariana thinks maybe Naya should look in the mirror and blame herself for the things she is throwing shade over.”

Currently, Ariana Grande is in a relationship with Mac Miller. The latter told People that she is his “best friend in the world.” The rap artist also proclaimed that the relationship is more mature and they are surer of themselves.

Miller also stated that they love to go on adventures. The kind of relationship they have now appears to be more serious.

Notably, the Focus singer called him “boo” during the 2016 MTV VMAs, confirming the real score. Let us just hope that her romance with Mac Miller will continue to be strong.

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