As the new year begins, rumors on the next generation of Apple devices are intensifying. The Apple Watch 2 is no exception to the flood of rumors.

A recent report by Christian Post suggests that the Apple Watch 2 may come out in March, during Apple’s event. The website further details that the smartwatch may come out alongside other rumored Apple devices like the iPhone 6c and the iPad Air 3.

The website also elaborates that aside from the rumored date of release, the Apple Watch 2 is also expected to own new features and improve on some of the lapses of its predecessor–the first Apple Watch. Among the features listed by the website are the following: a) a FaceTime video camera, b) iPhone-free WiFi, and c) more efficient trackers for sleep and activity.

Meanwhile, Tech Times believes that aside from improved features, the Apple Watch 2 should be able to up its game in terms of its design. Otherwise, the website thinks that if the next Apple Watch adapts the same look, it will still be a mini iPhone on the wrist to the eyes of many.

Tech Times also reveals that another report on the smartwatch’s comeback is that it will be thinner than the original Apple Watch.

Nevertheless, since Apple has not released an official statement about Apple Watch 2, details surrounding its release and features remain as rumors.

The recent problems the Apple Watch is facing with regard to patent rights may also delay the launch of its next version.

Ars Technica reports that Apple, alongside wearable technology competitor Fitbit, is being sued by Valencell for alleged infringement on its patents. According to Valencell’s complaint, Apple employees downloaded whitepapers from their website which are available to the public. In addition, Valencell also said that they demonstrated a prototype PerformTek watch in front of Apple employees back in 2013.

The company then states in their lawsuit that some Apple employees present in that demonstration have been involved in the development of the Apple Watch.

It remains to be seen how this development will affect the launch of Apple Watch 2.