Apple TV Release Date & Price: Focus on Gaming with App Store?

After the speculations of the MacBook Air 2016 and Pro 2016 being designed for gamers, arrives the news that the new Apple TV could also potentially be revamped to cater to gamers across the globe.

Apple may just pull a surprise out of the hat at the event to be held in San Franciso today. Apple may announce many products at the event including the new iPhone, iPad Pro, a new iPad Mini as well as the Apple TV.

As reported by New York Times, the Cupertino company won’t just announce the Apple TV, it will also introduce a major change to the product which may include all the required gaming components.

The Apple TV could possibly come with a powerful graphic card and a new remote which would double-up as a gaming controller. The major change onboard would be the introduction of an app store solely for buying and downloading games on the Apple TV.

Getting the information from “people briefed on Apple’s plans,” New York Times shared that the new product could be seen retailing at a starting price of $150.

There is no denying that the competition in the gaming market is fierce, however as noted by Venture Beat, Apple could succeed in changing gaming for television with its microconsole of sorts.

The MacBook Air 2016 and the MacBook Pro, each is rumored to be embedded with the new line of  Nvidia graphic card – the GeForce GTX 950. If this and news of the new Apple TV doubling-up as a gaming microconsole is to be believed, then Apple is definitely indicating its firm and sure steps into the gaming industry at large.

The Apple event today to be held in San Francisco would clarify a lot of details. Fans should keep coming back for more updates.

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