Ford, a pioneer in the car manufacturing business, has decided to include technology into its business.

Ford’s Chief Executive Mark Fields says they believe there will be changes in the auto industry. Their future major rivals in the industry will not be Chrysler or General Motors but they are going to be Apple and Google. Fields also thinks that Apple is building its own car. He told BBC that this assumption is giving them a new motivation, and  they now have the drive to stay focused on their product as well as on the general customer experience.

The executive shared that they are launching their latest Ford technology business in Palo Alto where they are building automated cars designed to drive automatically. With the help of the technology giants, they will check how the internet technology will change the way people interact with their cars.

It was also heard that Apple employed Chris Porritt. Porrit is Aston Martin chief engineer and former Tesla vice president of vehicle engineering. The new recruit will reportedly work on Apple’s car project named Titan, as reported by Mac Rumors.

Aside from Google’s automated cars, most technology giants look at how they can use “mobility” for the future of their businesses. Fields shared they have a  reason for creating a big research and innovation center in Palo, Alto. They want to work with others who will help them achieve their new goal and this is getting into the non-traditional car business.

The executive also clarified that Ford will not build cars for Google but the company is willing to partner with Google or other tech companies for joint projects.

In congested urban areas, private car use is expected to be reduced or even prevented in the near future. Fields said they are looking at the general situation. They want to be ready for the time when the use of a private vehicle will slow down.