Apple Music on Android Update: Downloading Songs on SD Card

There are plenty of reasons why people go with smartphones running Google’s mobile operating system. First, there are the plethora of apps in its library. Second, the vast selection of handsets you can choose from. Third, unlike Apple’s devices, Android devices can have their storage increased via a microSD card. Cupertino has seen the immense potential of its counterpart, and as such regular updates to Apple Music keep its subscribers hooked to their service.

In its latest update, Apple Music will now let Android users download tracks to a microSD card slot, allowing them to keep more music even when they are offline. Currently, Sandisk offers a 200GB microSD card in the market, which would easily add a massive amount of storage on top of what comes standard on your smartphone. In comparison, the largest built-in, non-expandable storage of an iOS device goes at 128GB. As such, adding support for downloading to microSD card on the Android platform would mean that any user could have their entire Apple Music library without having to worry about running out of storage.

The update to Apple Music for Android devices doesn’t stop there, however. You can now see the full schedule listing for Beats 1 shows to make it a lot easier to listen in on what you have added to your favorites. Furthermore, you can even browse music by composers and compilations, which is great news for fans of classical music as well as movie soundtracks.

Released November last year, Apple Music on the Android platform is a free music app available in the Google Play Store. It’s still in its beta, but Apple offers a free three-month period should you want to check how big the company’s library is as compared with the competition. While Spotify still holds the lion’s share of the music streaming market, it’s still nice to see some competition here and there.

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