Apple MacBooks 2016 Specs to Feature All-touch Haptic Keyboard? Patent Reveals Details

MacBooks 2016

It’s always exciting when a new Apple patent is published since it gives loyalists more to think about and adds to the thrill irrespective of whether or not the technology would materialize in the real world. The most recent Apple patent gives a peek at an all-touch haptic keyboard on a MacBook.

According to report on Digital Trends, the latest patent filed by Apple titled “Configurable Force-Sensitive Input Structure for Electronic Devices,” was filed back in September 2015 and has recently been made public. What it depicts is a touch-screen keyboard of sorts on the MacBooks 2016 as opposed to the physical trackpad and keyboards seen on the current-gen MacBook models.

For anyone wondering how it would all work, the all-touch trackpad and keyboard would “indicate key presses by triggering haptic feedback,” as noted by Tech Radar. What’s also interesting, is that shortcut keys would lit up on the keypad, based on the application employed at any given point in time.

Another advantage that the all-touch keypad would offer is that it will allow Apple to design the sleekest Macbooks fans have ever seen. But then again, like every other Apple patent it cannot be said whether the company would make this a reality. However, there are good reasons to believe that the tech giant could probably adopt this someday since speculations are rife that Apple intends to produce some sleek laptops this year. So, since it’s headed in that direction, the company would probably like to innovate while still continuing to put their products on a heavy diet. Fans who would appreciate this feature could definitely hope!

There has been a lot of speculations surrounding MacBooks 2016 and now this could be added to the list as one of those features which are highly unlikely to materialize as early as this year. And of course, with users being so used to the tactile feedback, it will be interesting to see how well the all-touch keypads are received if they ever foray into the markets.

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