At a recent event, Apple has introduced a couple of new accessories for iPad Pro, such as the USB Type-C and Lightening adapter, which are used to charge your apple device by using the only connection port available in MacBook, a single USB Type-C port.

With the new cable, the company has also started selling its own branded USB Type-C power brick which is rated to have healthy 29W. Interestingly, the new cable combo works well with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The power brick charges the tablet much faster than the 12W charger.

The 12W charger makes only 5 percent after 20 minutes but the new adaptor charges the iPad Pro up to 14 percent within the same period. On observation almost 64 percent of improvement is seen when compared to the 12W power brick, according to the review by 9to5 Mac.

The publication had done tests on airplane mode, and the screen on maximum brightness till 10 minutes and then on minimum brightness for the remaining 10 minutes.

By now a question would have popped up. Why did the company not include the adapter with the US$800 (AU$1065) tablet? Simply because Apple could not charge you US$75 (AU$99) more for a faster charger.

However, users who were fortunate enough to buy a 12-inch MacBook (the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is larger than the notebook, so it is better to buy the notebook instead) would have the same 29W USB Type-C charger from Apple. However, iPhone or iPad owners can use the new adapter but they would still need to buy the USB Type-C to Lightening adapter, notes GSM Arena.

Hence, Apple users who own an iPad Pro and wish to spend $75 (AU$99) to $80 (AU$106), can purchase a faster charger, which technically should have been included with the iPad Pro to begin with.