The Anti-telemarketer Robot


The nuisance caused by persistent calls from telemarketers is legion. Companies in the marketing-list know that how infuriating are such endless telemarketing calls. However, in a rare case of “paying with the same coin,” an American victim decided to hit back on such pesky marketing calls with his own unique robotic phone technology.

What he did was craft a hilarious plan and put that into action. His robot driven plans is now costing the telemarketers dearly in terms of their human labour, reports Stuff.Co.Nz.

Roger Anderson’s robotic phone line can answer all auto-dialled calls with a recorded message. It can also be used by friends and family, who can be added to the white list, to respond to the redirected calls. According to Anderson, his robot is not for making pranks on friends or bullying wrong numbers, it has a good sense behind it. It is to waste the time of the telemarketing personnel.

To avoid detection by the spammers’ software  Anderson has tweaked some modifications and updates into his robot system.

Accordingly, his recordings would say “hello, hello, hello” a few times and some “uh-huh”s and “right”s in between the conversation. He has created a full algorithm of clips for keeping the telemarketers engaged for a long time. His robot can also flatter the caller by saying that he or she sounds like a former friend from high school. It is a smarter way of changing the subject of the conversation.

Anderson also posted some of the recordings in his blog “Jolly Roger Telephone” and offered advice through the robot’s Facebook page. Anderson has now taken a separate bespoke number for his robot so that it can take more forwarded calls even from the mobile phone. One of his major tips for taking the service of the robot is to use it sparingly and with restraint.

Meanwhile, surging complaints on telemarketing calls have prompted the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to warn some companies in the retail solar industry.

The ACMA issued warnings to two companies for making telemarketing calls to numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register. Green Engineering (Vic) Pty Ltd, and RDBD Infotech Private Limited have been issued notices in this regard, reports Gizmodo Australia.

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