Many kids on Mornington Island will get a pair of boots to wear for the first time. This disadvantaged community comprising 70 young rugby players of the Queensland Gulf County was thrilled to receive the boots from an anonymous donor.

Mr Frank Mills, the CEO of Mornington Shire Council, was overwhelmed by the donation made by the unnamed man who took efforts to collect and send the shoes single-handedly. He said, “This is the first for a lot of the kids on Mornington Island.”

The kids will now have a pair of boots to run around in and do many things, just like the other players throughout the rest of Australia. Mr Mills, however, pointed out that life could very difficult on the island, but the shoe donation marks the right of people to a better living.

Distributing shoes among the deprived kids was an endearing experience for David Jones, coach of Thandabi Program’s Wellesley Island Vikings. As soon as the kids wore the boots, they were super excited, according to Jones.

Describing the reactions of the children after receiving the shoes, Jones said, “They thought they were real footballers because they were putting a pair of football boots on their feet. The kids up here are super talented, so anything we can get our hands on to increase these guys’ skills, it will be tenfold for their development.”

The generous donation by an unknown man to help the children of the island enjoy walking and running freely is a big boost to the community, as it signifies how vital new sporting equipment is for the region. It is a well-known fact that Mornington Island has poor infrastructure that prevents people on the island from having a good standard of living. Any kind of assistance in terms of recreation and sports is hugely beneficial, reported ABC.

There were earlier reports that the Queensland Country Life was successful in removing one major obstacle, that is, lack of boots to play in. With efforts from a benevolent Australian citizen, QLC could arrange to deliver sports shoes to its disadvantaged rugby league team.