Google has rolled out Android Wear for iOS. That’s right! The Android Wear watches will now work with iPhones.

However, the Android Wear for iOS will only be running for a select few watches as of now. The future Android Wear watches will also be seen supporting iOS, as pointed out by the Official Google Blog.

As of now, only the LG Watch Urbane can work with iPhones. Upcoming watches by Huawei, Asus and Motorola should be able to connect with iOS, right upon arrival.

The Verge digs into why the older Android Wear watches will not be pairing-up with iPhones.

Jeff Chang, the product manager lead for Wear, shares “In order to guarantee a good experience, where out of the box it will work immediately and you don’t have to do any fancy footwork, that’s why it has to be the newer watches.”

Moto 360 2 by Motorola, LG’s Urbane LTE 2 and the Asus ZenWatch 2 are expected to be announced at the IFA 2015 to be held in Berlin from September 4 – September 9. Now, the watches will also be seen arriving iPhone-ready for Apple fans around the globe.

Features include receiving phone calls and app and messages notifications right on the watch display.  Thanks to Google Fit, walking, running and heart-rate can be tracked right on the watch as well. The watch faces can be changed, with a few options to select from. Plus, voice search can also be employed to set reminders or to ask about the weather conditions.

The Android Wear watches have witnessed the early adopters giving it a try; however, it is yet to capture the attention of the masses. With a spate of new Android Wear watches now arriving with iOS compatibility, it will be interesting to see which direction will the smartwatch market head in.