Android Pay Release Date on August 26? McDonald’s Leaks Launch Day

The announcement of Android Pay came three months ago and now the service may roll out as soon as August 26. The introduction of this service will give fandroids another way to pay, along with the already existing mobile payment options in the markets.

Android Police has managed to get their hands-on an internal memo to employees of McDonald’s. The site has also confirmed that they have sources showing that McDonald’s is in fact sending out the message to multiple stores.

The memo reveals that Samsung Pay will be arriving on 21st August, while Android Pay will be rolled out on 26th August.

The site reports, in addition to McDonald’s, a number of retailers are seen gearing-up for Android Pay’s arrival with placards and stickers on their payment terminals. It makes sense that a large food-chain like McDonald’s is informed well in advance. However, there is no way to ascertain that this is a current note and not an old one, with dates of launch being changed since.

Engadget noted that, with the arrival of Android pay, McDonald’s will become Google’s largest partner owing to its sheer size. All users would need to do is select their credit-card on the service and tap their phone on the NFC terminal to make the transaction.

The site reports that a one-time credit card transaction number will be made, such that it is a secured exchange and the personal details of the users aren’t breached.

It was earlier reported that Samsung Pay is coming to US on 28 September and will be making its way to Australia next year. This indicates that the note may not hold much water. With 26th August just days away, fans won’t have to wait long to figure out when Android Pay will arrive on the tech scene.

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