Android N will be launched soon. With it will come with brand new emojis. Why does everyone seem to dig these new Android emojis? Below, we round up all the reasons why people are loving the emojis’ new look.

1. The new Android N emojis actually look human now.

Android has been previously criticized for having “terrible blob-like emojis.” But the new emojis are completely different. “They look totally normal and even kind of nice,” The Verge reported. These new Android emojis will be “using pleasant colors and human-like shapes.”

2. The new emojis will no longer be cause for confusion. 

In a separate report, The Verge said Android’s old emojis led to a lot of miscommunication before. With the old designs, you might mean one thing with the emojis you sent using your Android phone. But these same emojis tend to look a lot differently when they appear on the iPhone you sent your messages to. With the new emojis, this might no longer be a problem.

3. Fans of the original emojis have reason to rejoice as well.

A lot of Android users think the old emojis look a little too much like yellow “alien slugs.” But these little buggers do have fans. And Android isn’t exactly getting rid of them all. These yellow blob emojis will still be available for use. However, Android Police did point out that Android tweaked them a bit to make them forward facing. Most of these emojis will no longer look toward the left like they used to.

4. Android included better activity emojis.

5. Emojis for families and couples actually look like human families and couples this time.

Android’s emojis for families and couples used to look like yellow toilet signs. However, this will all change very soon. These new emoji families and couples will actually look human with the update.